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We are active traders in the e-mini and Russell 2000 futures contracts. Members follow along with our entries and exits each morning, real-time, in our free traders' chat room, from 9:30am to about 11:15am ET. Our fee based training and mentoring package teaches all aspects of our unique methodology, in live webinar sessions. The trading concepts used are unique and attempt to identify the major swing trend signals within the day, as opposed to just scalping. These concepts employ the relationship between the Serial Sequent Wave Method, plus a target accurate Pivot/Exhaustion Grid and the True Trend Momentum Indicator, TTI (trademarks all applied for).

We are not CTA's. We offer no advisory service, system trading program nor auto-trade system software.

Read our Trading Course description, peruse our Performance and Testimonials tabs or join us in the chat room and follow our trades, real-time. These webinars may help you understand the chat room language and trade methods better, plus other subjects.
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